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A Dramatic Victory: Lightspeed Graphics Wins at Modesto 48 Hour Film Competition

It’s with immense pride and excitement that we, at Lightspeed Graphics, announce our recent victory in the Modesto 48 Hour Film Competition.

This year was exceptionally challenging yet rewarding, as we ventured into the competition with our innovative filming tool - the Samsung S24 Ultra. Not only did we embrace the challenge, but we also emerged victorious in the “Best Shot on Phone” category, a testament to our team's creativity, skill, and innovative use of technology.

The theme for this year was Drama, a genre that demands depth, emotion, and a compelling narrative. Our video production, steeped in dramatic flair, was not only a story but an experience, enhanced by the clever use of our given prop, a key, and the creatively integrated required line, "I saw something like this on YouTube."

Fierce Competition

With 55 entries thrown into the creative cauldron, the competition was fierce. Of those, 44 successfully crossed the submission threshold, and only 16 films made it to the top. Competing in a tightly contested arena with only 7 categories up for grabs, our victory shines as a beacon of our hard work, dedication, and the harmonious symphony of our team's talents.

Kirk Gonzales, Sonny Gonzales & Cassandra Augusto take the stage to accept the award

The Journey