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Fox Grove Clean Up | November 2020

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

The Lightspeed Graphics CARE Team came together for our first organized community volunteer clean-up effort. As a start-up company, we started small and local, somewhere personal to us. After our experience with Larry Byrd's 2020 Political campaign and the environmental issues Mr. Larry Byrd have been addressing to help fight for our Valley's sustainable future. We were inspired by Mr. Larry Byrd to do what is only right and to start taking care of the place we call home.

One of our favorite local spots to hang out and fish, growing up, was at Fox Grove Park. I had many fond memories of spending time with my family there. As a kid, I never noticed how much we threw away or maybe as kids, you just don't see the trash. Man, things have changed.

We came prepared with masks, grabbers, trash bags and warm clothing. We planned for a Saturday morning to just get up and meet there. When we got there it was a bit gloomy, but still wonderfully refreshing,

When we arrived in the park, we were surprised to see that the parking lot was not too bad from what we had seen previously. It wasn't till later that day, a local visitor told us about his own efforts to clean up the parking lot when he can. We then told him about what we had done and he was very happy to see us help.

After cleaning up the parking lot, we decided to hit the river shoreline. There we realized what we were expecting to see. Heaps of trash strewn about everywhere. We couldn't tell if people, actually, lived there; or if it was an accumulation of trash over time, either way it was unacceptable.

We began picking up one piece of trash at a time, and a few hours later, we managed to get all the garbage into trash bags. It was honestly a pretty rewarding experience and something I've never really done before, but something, I've always wanted to do.

Our mission is to continue serving our community with Mr. Larry Byrd's goal in mind, sustainability. We hope in the future, our efforts can get the local residents and visitors alike involved in taking care of our Valley, one day at a time.