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J2LS VR / Desktop Ride Sim: Roadmap Progress

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

Hello folks! Our team kicked off our first strategy meeting to discuss our next steps in developing the J2LS metaverse P2E game. We have officially submitted the grant proposal to help us develop this game for Decentraland Metaverse.

With summer now here, we also want to spend some time delivering some new digital wearables for Decentraland players, explore other metaverse opportunities and introducing our Loot Drops for monthly subscribers next month.

First, let's look at a couple of challenges we've met so far:

Grant Proposal

The work leading up to the grant proposal involved a lot of deliberation and idea planning. We came to the conclusion that although a lot of creators are building amazing content for what is available now to DCL, we wanted to explore the future of DCL with content that we like to create.

We received excellent feedback from many players and MANA hodlers from many different groups to assess the best cost and efficiency for this project. Our original proposal can be seen here: Metaverse Grant Proposal

As expected we did not expect to secure funding immediately, but instead gauge the quality of our submission, study and feedback and understand the reaction from the community. Most responses have been positive with just a few "no's".

Some users like xxx2201138 and Tobik were able to provide us excellent with excellent feedback and start platform to conversate and explain in detail the reasons for our grant proposal. We were happy to reply with as much as we could to convince the voters that this is a viable project with plenty opportunity.

Land Asset Development

As we may have assumed asking for land in a grant proposal was going to be met with some opposition and opinions that this is a land grab. We were quick to address the situation and help voters understand why land development in the metaverse is important for an established business to own their land.

We believe the scarcity of activities and other growing metaverse games could be devastating to the economy of Decentraland and without new development, there could be no users to keep the game fun.


We are up to date with our roadmap and will be releasing new images this week to celebrate the start of our new project. We also plan to release a visual prototype as we continue to develop the land.