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Metaverse Wearable Into An AR Filter

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

We created an NFT wearable on the polygon network inside Decentraland for your avatar and with it we also added the ability to wear it IRL as an AR filter effect for Facebook and Instagram.

Our approach to Mixed Reality or Extended Reality is simple. Make fun engaging effects and content that people want to share.

AR and VR have become such a powerful medium for creatives and businesses like ours to really get a sense of what people are engaging with.

Software like Spark AR and LensStudio have given individual creators and big brands, like us, the ability to create content in this exciting new space. We published our Witch Doctor Mask onto the SparkAR platform to see how it reacts.

The SparkAR dashboard gives you insight into the performance of your effects. Here are some statistics looking at a 7 day window.

You can see how many times this effect is being opened. captured, shared and viewed. What's great about the SparkAR software, as it appears you can revisit old effects and make changes to them.

You can find the effect here:

We plan to revisit this effect in 30 days and review what and if we'd like to make any updates to it. Check back with us soon!