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Unleash Your Creative Power with MoonRay: DreamWorks Animation's Open Source Renderer

Updated: Jan 23

Lightspeed Graphics, a leading 3D animation company, is excited to share the news that DreamWorks Animation has announced the release of their production renderer, MoonRay, as open source software. MoonRay is now available for general access and can be found at under the Apache 2 open source license.

The announcement of MoonRay's open source release generated thousands of requests for information since its announcement at SIGGRAPH 2022. DreamWorks Animation has worked tirelessly to improve the code base, documentation, and interface with pre-release partners to ensure that MoonRay can be built outside of the DreamWorks studio.

MoonRay is designed with a focus on efficiency and scalability, providing interactive artistic exploration using all cores or GPUs provided. It delivers a broad range of images from photorealistic to strongly stylized and is built on a leading-edge, highly-scalable architecture that allows for quick, feature-film quality artistic iteration using familiar tools. Additionally, MoonRay includes support for distributed rendering, a pixel matching XPU mode, and photo-realistic ray tracing acceleration via Intel Embree, including Open Image Denoise, and other aspects of oneAPI.