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Behind the Scenes of 'Don't Hire a Dick!' - A Local Film Production by Lightspeed Graphics

Welcome to an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Don't Hire a Dick!", a commercial video produced by Lightspeed Graphics. In this blog, we’ll dive into the creative process, from conceptualization to execution, highlighting the techniques and the collaborative effort that brought this project to life. Join us as we explore the complete video production process from storyboard creation, scriptwriting, staging, practical and visual effects, plus more.

Starts with a Concept

Our journey began with a simple concept: showcasing the pitfalls of hiring the wrong moving company. Inspired by real-life moving day disasters, we wanted to create a narrative that was relatable yet comically exaggerated to capture our audience's attention. This concept was developed in close collaboration with Justin Duncan, bringing the original concept to us.

Custom storyboards illustrations of a moving company

Storyboarding with AI / ChatGPT

To plan our shots, we first needed to create detailed storyboards. Each frame was meticulously crafted using a specific prompt within ChatGPT to outline the sequence of events, ensuring every shot was planned to convey the right message and emotion. These sketches served as a blueprint for our production, guiding every creative decision from camera angles to actor positioning.

A screenshot of Lightspeed Graphics using ChatGPT AI to create scripts


Parallel to storyboard development, our scriptwriting team crafted dialogue and action that would resonate with viewers and highlight the key messages of our brand partners. The script went through several revisions to balance humor with informational content, ensuring the final product was both entertaining and educational. We used the original concept to create a script using the assistance of ChatGPT and storytelling techniques. We also took into account, when creating the script, the ability to cut it down into 15 second segments to be later used as marketing videos.

A truck comes to a screeching halt carrying moving boxes as one is seen flying off the vehicle as a woman reacts to it with a wire pulling the box

Lighting and Staging

Lighting and staging were critical in creating the right atmosphere for each scene. We chose outdoor scenery for the initial move to enhance the mood, from the bright and hopeful morning of a new move to the chaotic and frustrating scenes of moving mishaps. Our choice of staging was designed to emphasize the contrast between the incompetent 'Dick's Mooving' company and the professionalism of the Masters of Moving. We used a fairly simple setup with a basic t2i rebel to